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Welcome to the Red Light Therapy revolution.

The new TheraLight 360 bed/pod is your secret advantage for healthier complexion, faster recovery, and anti-aging. Dr. Eric has brought the TheraLight 360 to Bluffton, SC. Come see the difference advanced red light therapies makes with energy levels and feeling rested. The whole body red light approach recharges the repair of our skin, circulation, muscles and fat cells.

Effective, safe, easy, and simply wonderful!

Relaxing on the bed for 10 minutes will directly clinically improve the effects on our bodies caused aging, oxidative stress, injury, and exercise. The science can seem confusing - it's Dr. Eric's job to make sure you get the right session to create the benefits you specifically need and want.

What does it do for skin care?

The combination of whole body and full spectrum will energize the repair of our skin: the dermis, the connective tissue supporting it, the stressed vascular system, the muscles and nerves, and perhaps most important the adipocytes (fat storage cells under skin).

TheraLight 360 inside view

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Does it combine well with my current program?

Yes. The red light therapies add energy for repair. Many types of benefits are seen immediately. The power gently restores cell respiration; gaining improved circulation and reducing oxidative stress. Many types of cells benefit because the advanced TheraLight 360 not only helps all the way around our body, it also has the light energies which reach deep to safely restore the vitality of the supportive cells.

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Dr. Eric Bunge